High School Faculty

  • Paul Baria


  • David Booth

    High School Math

  • Brockett, Robert-1516-1734

    Robert Brockett

    Music Director: Chorus, Orchestra

  • brugamyer-erik-faculty-1617-643

    Erik Brugamyer

    High School Physics

  • Christopher Burfict

    Graphic Digital Arts

  • Kristin Calhoun

    High School Art

  • Daunt-Grogan, Patricia-1516-2115

    Patricia Daunt-Grogan

    Counselor and High School Student Life Circle Chair

  • Barry DeCola

    11th Grade Stained Glass

  • Pat DeVincent

    Clay Arts

  • dileo-michael-faculty-593

    Michael DiLeo

    High School Humanities

  • everett-terri-faculty-601

    Terri Everett

    Music: Chorus, Band

  • Guardia-Hayes, Giannina-1516-1946

    Giannina Guardia-Hayes


  • Halbreich, Linda-1516-2112

    Linda Halbreich

    Student Support Coordinator

  • reyes-de-hernandez-victoria-faculty-605

    Victoria Reyes de Hernández

    High School Humanities and High School Pedagogical Chair

  • Caitlin Hill

    High School German

  • Horton, Kelly-1516-2118

    Kelly Horton

    Interim High School Director and High School Computer Science and Math Chair

  • Lewis-Zavala, Carol Jean-1516-1802

    Carol Jean Lewis-Zavala

    Part-Time Spanish High School Teacher

  • hungzen-liao-faculty-1617-694

    Hungzen Liao

    High School Math

  • Mann, Deborah-1516--2953

    Deborah Mann

    Life Sciences

  • Walter McDonald

    11th Grade Sand Sculpture

  • Gary McElhaney

    9th and 12th Grade Clay Modeling

  • Topaz McGarrigle

    Jazz Band Director

  • Miller-Robert-1516---5170

    Robert Miller

    Art Program Director

  • Moran, Kate-1516--3158

    Kate Moran

    Gym and Games

  • nguyen-khanh-faculty-589

    Khanh Nguyen


  • Olson, Erik-1516-1991

    Erik Olson

    Athletics Director

  • Shamir, Dana-1516-1672

    Dana Shamir


  • Smith, Daniel-1516--4338

    Daniel Smith

    Art: Blacksmithing, Copper Working, and Chip-Carving

  • staats-hans-faculty-597

    Hans Staats

    High School Humanities

  • David Thornberry

    David Thornberry

    12th Grade Drawing and Painting

  • Owen Towels

    High School Art

  • Vierheller, Morgan-1516-1982

    Morgan Vierheller


  • Vitucci, Marian-1516-1727

    Marian Vitucci

    Weaving, Spinning, BookBinding

“The well-rounded, considerate, thoughtful people I've seen graduating from this high school have floored me. I'm so honored my family is a part of this school, this community, this village.”