High School Faculty

  • Paul Baria


  • David Booth

    High School Math

  • Brockett, Robert-1516-1734

    Robert Brockett

    Music Director: Chorus, Orchestra

  • brugamyer-erik-faculty-1617-643

    Erik Brugamyer

    High School Physics

  • Christopher Burfict

    Graphic Digital Arts

  • Kristin Calhoun

    High School Art

  • Daunt-Grogan, Patricia-1516-2115

    Patricia Daunt-Grogan

    Counselor and High School Student Life Circle Chair

  • Barry DeCola

    11th Grade Stained Glass

  • Pat DeVincent

    Clay Arts

  • dileo-michael-faculty-593

    Michael DiLeo

    High School Humanities

  • everett-terri-faculty-601

    Terri Everett

    Music: Chorus, Band

  • Guardia-Hayes, Giannina-1516-1946

    Giannina Guardia-Hayes


  • Halbreich, Linda-1516-2112

    Linda Halbreich

    Student Support Coordinator

  • Caitlin Hill

    High School German

  • Horton, Kelly-1516-2118

    Kelly Horton

    Interim High School Director and High School Computer Science and Math Chair

  • Lewis-Zavala, Carol Jean-1516-1802

    Carol Jean Lewis-Zavala

    Part-Time Spanish High School Teacher

  • hungzen-liao-faculty-1617-694

    Hungzen Liao

    High School Math

  • Mann, Deborah-1516--2953

    Deborah Mann

    Life Sciences

  • Walter McDonald

    11th Grade Sand Sculpture

  • Gary McElhaney

    9th and 12th Grade Clay Modeling

  • Topaz McGarrigle

    Jazz Band Director

  • Miller-Robert-1516---5170

    Robert Miller

    Art Program Director

  • Moran, Kate-1516--3158

    Kate Moran

    Gym and Games

  • nguyen-khanh-faculty-589

    Khanh Nguyen


  • Olson, Erik-1516-1991

    Erik Olson

    Athletics Director

  • reyes-de-hernandez-victoria-faculty-605

    Victoria Reyes

    High School Humanities and High School Pedagogical Chair

  • Shamir, Dana-1516-1672

    Dana Shamir


  • Smith, Daniel-1516--4338

    Daniel Smith

    Art: Blacksmithing, Copper Working, and Chip-Carving

  • staats-hans-faculty-597

    Hans Staats

    High School Humanities

  • David Thornberry

    David Thornberry

    12th Grade Drawing and Painting

  • Owen Towels

    High School Art

  • Vierheller, Morgan-1516-1982

    Morgan Vierheller


  • Vitucci, Marian-1516-1727

    Marian Vitucci

    Weaving, Spinning, BookBinding

“One of the things we are so grateful for is the opportunity our daughter has had with regards to varsity sports at Waldorf. Basketball has provided her an opportunity to be a leader and the chance to learn from a supportive and committed mentor. The benefits will serve her in a myriad of ways throughout her life that she cannot now imagine.”