Board of Trustees

Committee Members

Executive Committee

Mike Sekel, Jennifer Harrison, Kate Moran, Robert Williamson, Teresa Carbajal Ravet, Kathy McElveen

Development Committee

Alex Abbott, Ben Sorrell, Bernie Brenner, Bill Coletti, Daniel Nelson, Doug Vogelsass, Geoff Cox, Geraldine Rincon, Les Callahan, Lynn Miller, Melissa Schmdt, Michelle Rosen, Rebecca Judis, Teresa Ravet, Terri Everett

Site Development Committee

Ben Sorrell, Gareth Pollard, Bob Brockett, Roger Mueller, Deb Mann, Michelle Lemberger, Kathy McElveen, Mike Sekel

Finance Committee

Lu Yan, Rob Williamson, Kathy McElveen, Jay Youngclaus, Geoffrey Lawson, Clint Bledsoe, Jason Jones, Janna Cormier, Marie-Helene Harlow

Committee on Trustees

Rene Crosby, Jennifer Harrison, Mark Kernan, Mike Sekel

Communications Committee

Twila Vogelsass, Teresa Carbajal Ravet, Megan Jones-Smith, Lynn Miller, Mark Kernan

“The faculty have genuine enthusiasm for their subjects, and that come through when they share them with our children. I appreciate and respect their willingness to bring experiences from different cultures to the students.”