Our Faculty & Staff

A commitment to Excellence

Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching as well as the cultivation of a healthy social life in the school’s community. All faculty members are engaged in continuing study of Waldorf Education, subjects they teach, and wider educational issues of our time. Kindergarten teachers, grade school class teachers, and full time high school teachers have received Waldorf teacher training from an adult education center recognized by AWSNA.

The elementary school academic teachers hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Full-time high school faculty members hold either a master’s or doctorate degree in their field. Subject teachers have either an academic degree or extensive practical experience in their respective disciplines.

The faculty and staff together administer the school with support from the Board of Trustees. This gives the teachers, who are in daily contact with the students, the authority to respond directly to their needs and their parents’ concerns.

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

“Waldorf education develops creativity, critical thinking, and analytical processing. A connection with nature and a sense of community are also nurtured. It is a well-rounded educational experience.”