Administrative Staff

  • Alex Abbott

    Alexandra Abbott

    Auxiliary Revenues Coordinator

  • ashton-cathryn-faculty-1617-4810

    Catherine Ashton

    Director of Development

  • brewster-sarah-faculty-1617-559

    Sarah Brewster

    Database Manager

  • Shelly Caskey

    Shelley Caskey

    Juniper Tree Store

  • charioui-suzi-faculty-1617-565

    Suzanne Charioui

    Business Office Associate

  • DeVittorio, Kim-1516-1575

    Kim DeVittorio

    Enrollment Director

  • Carson Fustes

    Carson Fustes

    Juniper Tree Store

  • gallagher-jill-faculty-1617-4776

    Jill Gallagher

    Office Manager

  • McElveen, Kathy-1516--3154

    Kathy McElveen

    General School Leader

  • morin-jessie-faculty-950

    Jessie Morin

    Administrative Support

  • Pollard, Gareth-1516--2627

    Gareth Pollard

    Grounds and Facilities

  • sauer-colleen-faculty-1617-569

    Colleen Sauer

    High School Administrative Assistant & Registrar

  • Toole, Bill-1516--2668

    Bill Toole

    Pedagogical Administrator

  • Lee Uerkwitz

    Finance Director

  • zollinger-donna-faculty-1516-1706

    Donna Zollinger

    Extended Care Coordinator

“Waldorf education develops creativity, critical thinking, and analytical processing. A connection with nature and a sense of community are also nurtured. It is a well-rounded educational experience.”