An Austin Waldorf Education…

Nestled on nineteen acres in the beautiful hill country of central Texas, celebrating educational excellence since 1980, the Austin Waldorf School provides a unique education to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school is accredited through the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS), and the National Council of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

The curriculum is designed to meet each stage of a student’s development from early childhood, through adolescence, into young adulthood. The programs demonstrate a continued commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience integrating academic, artistic, and practical disciplines. The Austin Waldorf School cultivates a love of learning, creative thinking, a sympathetic interest in the world, self-confidence, and an abiding moral purpose.

In addition to a rich academic curriculum, the students are taught two foreign languages, vocal and instrumental music, handwork, woodwork, blacksmithing, fine arts, drama, and sports and games from around the world.

At the center of the school experience is the relationship of the individual to the greater community. While this is cultivated differently at different ages, it is an important part of being a student here and of being a citizen of the world. The students participate in community service and work experience programs all geared to foster a sense of responsibility and empowerment in effecting change in society as a whole or simply in the life of a single person. Such meaningful engagement with people is one of the many extraordinary elements of being an Austin Waldorf School student.

The faculty at the Austin Waldorf School is dedicated to excellence and artistry in education and many of the teachers have decades of professional experience in their fields. The parent body is stalwart and generous, and the community life is filled with student performances, festivals, a vibrant parent society, and an exciting adult education program.

About Waldorf Graduates

A recent study of Waldorf graduates:

  • 94%attended college or university
  • 47%chose humanities or arts as a major
  • 42%chose sciences or math as a major
  • 89%are highly satisfied in choice of occupation
  • 91%are active in lifelong education
  • 92%placed a high value on critical thinking
  • 90%highly value tolerance of other viewpoints

Our graduates demonstrate:

  • Multiple Intelligences and Cross Disciplinary Learning
  • Global Consciousness and Sustainability
  • Basis for Moral Navigation
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • High Levels of Social Intelligence
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • High Levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Outside of the box thinking


“I appreciate the wonderful education that the Austin Waldorf School has given my granddaughter. She is a poised, confident young lady, ready to go forward to the next step of her education.”