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Faculty Highlights: Bradford Cake and Ryan Phillips

Posted by Melinda Biggs, Development Director on September 14, 2018

The Austin Waldorf School faculty and staff brings expertise across a wide range of knowledge and specialties, exposing our students to diverse insights, perspectives, and ways of thinking. We would like to introduce you to two of the newest members of the Austin Waldorf School, Bradford Cake and Ryan Phillips.... Full Article »

Alumni Update: Forest Trager, Class of 2008

Posted by Melinda Biggs, Development Director on September 14, 2018

Forest Trager, an AWS alum, from the class of 2008, graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Physician Assistant program in 2017. He has been working at Memorial Hermann in Houston as a physician assistant and first assist in the operating room. “Every day I have the honor of literally... Full Article »

Experiential Education – Why Students Should Learn by Doing

Posted by Beverly Amico, AWSNA on September 14, 2018

The original publication of this blog post may be found here. “Where is the book in which the teacher can read about what teaching is? The children themselves are this book. We should not learn to teach out of any book other than the one lying open before us and... Full Article »

Supporting Our Sister School in Cambodia–The House of Joy and Happiness

Posted by Jennifer Hawkins, AWS Parent on September 13, 2018

During the 2017-2018 school year, Mr. Roy’s 8th-grade class decided to honor their class teacher by raising funds to support the Cambodia school, the House of Joy and Happiness. Approximately $4,000 are needed each year to fund an English and Computer teacher and to provide internet service for this remote,... Full Article »

Honeybee Hives Now Part of AWS Campus!

Posted by Kathy McElveen, General School Leader on September 13, 2018

The Austin Waldorf School is home to two new top-bar beehives! The first one was donated by the Hays County Beekeepers Association (HCBA) and BeeWeavers of Navasota and Dripping Springs. The second one is from a school family that has moved out of state, the D’Souza’s. They are located in... Full Article »

Summer 2018 Faculty and Staff Activities

Posted by Sarah Brewster, Communications Manager on September 12, 2018

The Austin Waldorf School’s faculty and staff engage in an extraordinary range of training and educational opportunities around the world over the summer months. Read more about the new knowledge and inspiration they bring back to our community. Student Support Coordinator, Aaron Adams, completed a week’s training on supporting students... Full Article »

Facilities Update: Playground and Kindergarten Revisions and Wastewater Project

Posted by Gareth Pollard, Facilities Director on September 12, 2018

The facilities staff had a busy and productive summer. We oversaw the wastewater system being connected to the city, the lower grades playground renovation, kindergarten makeovers, and many smaller projects that improved the safety and aesthetic value of our beautiful campus. Mr. Pollard was fortunate to have some very helpful... Full Article »

Parent Society Corner

Posted by Jeff Roberts on September 11, 2018

It is amazing to think that the Austin Waldorf School’s Parent Society is entering its 36th year of existence and that this year’s Leadership Council (PSLC) is the largest yet! With, count ‘em, a dozen parents as part of PSLC, the variety of experiences advocating on your behalf is unparalleled.... Full Article »

Mark Your Calendars for the Texas Book Festival

Posted by Marion Rocco, Librarian on September 11, 2018

I recently had the good fortune to attend the Author Lineup Reveal Party for this year’s Texas Book Festival. Authors, librarians, critics, and book lovers all gathered together to learn which authors will be coming to our fair city October 27th and 28th. If you are not familiar with the... Full Article »

First Impressions and Development News

Posted by Melinda Biggs, Development Director on September 11, 2018

Walking around campus, first as a visitor, and then a new employee, I am surrounded by the sense of magic in the air. Austin Waldorf School is a community in the greatest sense of the word; something that I have often felt the American culture has lost. This community has... Full Article »

“It is gratifying to know that my daughter has an extracurricular group where she can have fun, learn new skills, and develop leadership. The warmth of the High School Newspaper club is obvious.”