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Spring Sports Roundup

Posted by Erik Olson, Athletics Director on May 15, 2018

Spring 2018 was an exciting time for the Roadrunners. We are proud to share how our various teams did this spring at the middle school level- AIPL (Austin Inter-Parochial League) and high school level- TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools). The Highlights There were 20 middle school track... Full Article »

8th Grade Camping Trip: Reflections by 8th Grade Students

Posted by Essays and Artwork by 8th Grade Students on May 15, 2018

The Cavern by Kaia Large caverns gape deep below the surface of the earth, their ancient yet ever changing walls a protection against the immense weight of the world above them. Around these archaic maws wind labyrinthine passages, a series of tortuous tunnels that stretch on for miles. Over the floor... Full Article »

Honoring Retiring and Leaving Faculty and Staff

Posted on May 15, 2018

This year we are saying a heartfelt goodbye to a number of faculty and staff members as they retire or take on new adventures. Each of these faculty and staff members has helped shape the Austin Waldorf School into the place it is today.  The impact of their contributions will... Full Article »

A Letter From Linda Burke

Posted by Linda Burke, Librarian on May 14, 2018

Dearest AWS community, It is just a few weeks until I retire. I happily anticipate more time with my family and favorite activities. Before I go, though, I offer two bits of advice. Read to your children. Read to them often and for as many years as they will let... Full Article »

Touching the Wider World: A Glimpse Back at the Year

Posted by Kathy McElveen, General School Leader on May 14, 2018

Almost every time I’ve accompanied our students on field trips or other excursions off campus, the people we encounter remark and wonder what it is that makes them different in a way they find inspiring. At the moment I’m traveling with our 8th grade on their class trip to West... Full Article »

A Glimpse Into the Waldorf Fourth Grade

Posted by Tina DeSaussure, Class Teacher on May 14, 2018

As students advance into the fourth grade they are at the end of their 9th and beginning of their 10th year. The familiar bonds of authority are loosening and children may begin to feel fearful or uncertain in areas where before they were fearless or confident. Increasing self-awareness results in... Full Article »

Class of 2018 Senior Project Presentations

Posted by Jennifer Sapio, High School Humanities on May 14, 2018

This year, we had the opportunity to witness seventeen young men and women achieve a milestone in their academic and personal development, as they stood in front of peers, teachers, family, and friends to present the work that culminated in their senior projects. As diverse and unique as this senior... Full Article »

Meet the Camp Roadrunner Staff

Posted by Alex Abbott, Auxiliary Revenues Coordinator on May 14, 2018

This year at Camp Roadrunner we are extremely excited to have 3 alumni working with the children! Our Woodpecker group, the rising 1st graders, will be lead by Caroline Williamson and Michelle Rossi. Caroline, a Waldorf ‘lifer’, graduated from AWS in 2013. Since graduating she has enjoyed working with children... Full Article »

Community, Philanthropy, and Commitment: An Overview of the 2017-2018 School Year

Posted by Catherine Ashton, Development Director on May 14, 2018

The Austin Waldorf School is built on the individual actions of students, teachers, parents, and community members that come together to create something magical. It was this that carried us through the 2017-2018 Annual Fund and made the 2018 Benefit such a beautiful evening of celebration. This year’s Giving Tree... Full Article »

Class of 2018: Post High School Plans

Posted by Patricia Daunt-Grogan, High School Counselor on May 14, 2018

CLARA BATTLE Marymount Manhattan College, NY (Theatre and New Media) ANDREW BELL University of Denver, CO (Electrical Engineering) GOODWIN BELL Austin Community College, TX (Computer Science) MICHELLE BONDI University of Texas – Austin, TX (College of Fine Arts – Studio Arts) MACKENZIE “MAC” BRENNER High Point University, NC (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)... Full Article »

“I appreciate the wonderful education that the Austin Waldorf School has given my granddaughter. She is a poised, confident young lady, ready to go forward to the next step of her education.”