High School (9-12)

The High School Student is Ready

to meet abstract concepts with heightened cognitive capacities. The main lesson curriculum is designed to respond to the questions that are being asked by the developing adolescent. In the ninth grade, observation skills are further cultivated and the teacher approaches the curriculum through the lens of polarities: Comedy and Tragedy, Combinations and Probability, Anatomy and Physiology, and Revolutions. The capacity to compare and contrast is fostered in the tenth grade with a focus on process. Writing skills are honed, Euclidean Geometry is introduced, Mechanics and Endocrinology are brought through the science curriculum, and Ancient Civilizations in the history curriculum. Analytical skills are developed in the eleventh grade as the student moves through rich works of literature, Trigonometry, Physics, World Geography and Medieval History. As the twelfth grade student prepares to move into the world, powers of synthesis are explored and developed: Goethe’s Faust, Russian Literature, Biochemistry, Economics, and American History.

Austin Waldorf High School

The arts and practical disciplines continue to o er the opportunity to encounter beauty and experience different mediums. Our students enjoy blacksmithing, Navajo weaving, stained glass, painting, sand sculpture, and stone carving as well as classes in: foreign languages, music, drama, movement and athletics in the high school.

Waldorf graduates are recognized as being creative, flexible, and critical thinkers. They are confident young people with the courage to take intellectual risks and the moral and social compass to be global citizens of the world.

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“It's comforting to know that our children are spending their days in a community that supports and seeks to know them individually. Not only do our children feel connected to their teachers, but my husband and I do as well.”