College Counseling

The college counseling office at the Austin Waldorf School fulfills the mission of the school by helping students find purpose in their lives. Through a process of self-discovery with a focus on the future, students reflect upon their growth at the Waldorf School and how they can best use their talents beyond our campus. Our individualized programming supports students and their parents in exploring post-high school options, with an emphasis on finding a student’s best fit in college, the workplace, and the world.

The formal post-secondary experience begins in the junior year, as juniors and seniors attend a weekly guidance class focusing on the appropriate steps for college and/or gap year admissions. In addition, students in ninth and tenth grade are supported and encouraged to think about the future and have access to the counselor, college visits to our campus, and standardized test preparation. Families of all grades are able to attend evening programming focused on the application process, standardized testing, financial aid, and gap year options, and meet individually with the counselor to maintain supportive communication centered on each student’s goals.

Waldorf students attend a diverse mix of colleges and universities across the nation and world, while others participate in volunteer and work opportunities through life-enriching gap years. A great success, the counseling program sees over 95% of AWS graduates attend college immediately after high school, with most others taking a gap year.

Bradford Cake, HS Counselor

“Even though each of my children has different interests, personalities, and needs, this Waldorf high school has met them where they are and given them what they need to move forward and develop into great people.”