Meeting Every Stage of a Student’s Development

Our curriculum is designed to meet each stage of a student’s development from early childhood, through adolescence, into young adulthood. The programs demonstrate a continued commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience integrating academic, artistic, and practical disciplines. The Austin Waldorf School cultivates a love of learning, creative thinking, a sympathetic interest in the world, self-confidence, and an abiding moral purpose.


Young children live in a world of activity. To them, play is work and work is play. At this young age, the children live strongly in their imaginative life and eagerly imitate the behaviors of those around them. The adults surrounding the young child must always be worthy of imitation. Every encounter must be meaningful and thoughtful. Our Kindergarten program embraces this understanding. In the Grade school we are working to develop the children’s sense of observation. The students live very deeply in their feeling life from age seven to fourteen. The curriculum is designed to be meaningful, valuable, and to encourage curiosity. The High School student is ready to meet abstract concepts with heightened cognitive capacities. The main lesson curriculum is designed to respond to the questions that are being asked by the developing adolescent.


Since 2000, Summergarden and Camp Roadrunner, part of our Summer Camp program. have provided Austin Waldorf School families, and families from the greater community, with wholesome summer fun. We strive to o er unique activities that create lasting memories for the children in our program. Austin Waldorf School also places high value on Athletics. Our athletic programs have robust participation among our students, and have an active calendar of events and activities.

“I appreciate the wonderful education that the Austin Waldorf School has given my granddaughter. She is a poised, confident young lady, ready to go forward to the next step of her education.”