Summer Camp

Since 2000, Summergarden and Camp Roadrunner

have provided Austin Waldorf School families, and families from the greater community, with wholesome summer fun. We strive to offer unique activities that create lasting memories for the children in our program.

Built upon the Waldorf understanding of the developing child, Summergarden provides children ages four to five with a nurturing environment, allowing the imagination to unfold. Our camp is led by experienced teachers who are enthusiastic for all the fun that summer may bring. Our natural hill country setting is the ideal place for children to experience a Texas summer and the majority of our day is spent outside on a well shaded playground. Activities include swimming, crafts, circle games, cooking, and story time. Within the rhythm of our day, time for snack, lunch, and nap is also included.

Camp Roadrunner, designed for grade school aged children, has been consistently recognized by several local organizations as an outstanding camp. Activities vary each week and may include circus arts, obstacle courses, cooking, hand crafts, and more. Camp Roadrunner is a wonderful opportunity for children from all backgrounds and each week encourages self-expression and creativity in a friendly and fun environment.

Explore Summergarden (ages 4-5)

Explore Camp Roadrunner (ages 6-12)


Austin Waldorf School’s summer programs have been voted FAVORITE OVERALL CAMP by the 10,000 Austin families using Nurture My Child for 2013, 2014 and 2016!

“We deeply appreciate how welcoming the high school faculty and staff have been. Our son's academic challenges have been supported and we truly feel blessed to have him in the high school.”