Grade School Faculty

  • Aaron Adams

    Aaron Adams

    Student Support

  • Julie Barsam-Cumming

    Julie Barsam-Cummings

    First Grade Teacher

  • Black, Fonda-1516--2679_handwork

    Fonda Black


  • Kellie Bledsoe

    Kellie Bledsoe


  • bresette-mills-barbara-faculty-1617-4789

    Barbara Bresette-Mills


  • Brockett, Robert-1516-1734

    Robert Brockett

    Music Director: Chorus, Orchestra

  • Burke, Linda-1516--3855_ Librarian

    Linda Burke


  • desaussure-tina-faculty-2659

    Tina DeSaussure

    Third Grade Teacher

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    Terri Everett

    Music: Chorus, Band

  • hample-rebecca-faculty-2656

    Rebecca Hample

    Dance, Movement and Music

  • Harrienger, Dawn-1516--3368

    Dawn Harrienger


  • Kelli Hoisington

    Kelli Hoisington

    Middle School English Teacher

  • houck-sona-faculty-1617-4804

    Sona Houck

    Grade Assistant

  • Vanessa Lenz

    Vanessa Lenz


  • lewis-ramirez-sherry-faculty-1617-2786

    Sherry Lewis-Ramirez

    Grade School Assistant

  • lindley-caroline-faculty-1617-4758

    Caroline Lindley

    Grades Assistant

  • lovett-charlotte-faculty-1617-3077

    Charlotte Lovett

    Second Grade Teacher

  • Marcus, Dave-1516-2129

    David Marcus

    Middle School Math and Science

  • Dawn McLachlen

    Dawn McLachlen

    Student Support Program

  • Miller-Robert-1516---5170

    Robert Miller

    Art Program Director

  • Moran, Kate-1516--3158

    Kate Moran

    Gym and Games

  • Chava Moulton

    Chava Moulton

    Fourth Grade Teacher

  • Olson, Erik-1516-1991

    Erik Olson

    Athletics Director

  • Paredes, Enrique-1516--2349

    Enrique Paredes

    Eighth Grade Teacher

  • Terri Prakash

    Terri Prakash

    Academic Tutor

  • Rodgers, Kathy-1516-3461

    Kathy Rodgers

    Fifth Grade Teacher

  • Roy-Steve-1516---5002

    Steven Roy

    Seventh Grade Teacher

  • Vela Sachs, Rosa-1516--2671

    Rosa Vela Sachs


  • Smith, Daniel-1516--4338

    Daniel Smith

    Art: Woodworking

  • Toole, Carol-1516-2126

    Carol Toole

    Academic Language Therapy and Student Support

  • Vitucci, Marian-1516-1727

    Marian Vitucci


  • vogel-julie-faculty-1617-1060

    Julie Vogel

    Sixth Grade Teacher

“The well-rounded, considerate, thoughtful people I've seen graduating from this high school have floored me. I'm so honored my family is a part of this school, this community, this village.”