Parent Society

Continuing the circle of education

All currently enrolled parents/guardians are members of the Austin Waldorf School Parent Society. Meetings are held several times per year, and all parents are encouraged to attend these meetings. Please refer to the school calendar for exact dates.

Our Vision

The Parent Society is an integral, vibrant and transparent organization supporting and advocating for the Austin Waldorf School community.

Our Mission

Collaboratively cultivate a dynamic atmosphere of generosity of self, resources, and service, by engaging with the Austin Waldorf School parent body, faculty, administration and community at large, with warmth and compassion to enrich the intellectual, physical and social climate of the community.

Our Aim

We hold in our aim the responsibility to provide leadership important to:

  • Build community
  • Provide support for parents and guardians
  • Support faculty and staff
  • Facilitate communication between different dimensions of the Austin Waldorf School community
  • Encourage involvement
  • Plan and stage Parent Society sponsored events
  • Support fundraising efforts
  • Show appreciation to all who volunteer time and services to the Austin Waldorf School

Parent Society Delegate

A Parent Society Delegate is a Parent Society member appointed to represent a specific grade and ensure all information from the Parent Society gatherings are shared with their grade via the appropriate means. Delegates also ensure that information or concerns expressed by parents of their represented grade reach the Parent Society. Delegates work with the Leadership Council of the Parent Society to plan functions and festivals throughout the year. Parent Society hosted events include a Back To School event, the fall and spring Community Meetings, Teacher and Staff appreciation day and the Winter and Spring Fairs. A Parent Society Delegate may or may not be one of the Class Parent Representatives.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Parent participation in volunteer activities is welcomed and vital to a Waldorf school community. Opportunities abound! Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow parents and interact with the faculty and students. It is an essential form of support for faculty, staff, committees, and events. For information regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact your class teacher, the Main Office, your Class PS Delegate, or any member of the Parent Society Leadership Council. To match the tasks that match your talent, interest and schedule, please fill out our Volunteer Form.

Parent Society Leadership Council

If you would like to contact the Parent Society Leadership Council with a question, please complete this form.

We look forward to a great year serving this wonderful group of parents and looking for ways to support this incredible school.

With Thanks,

Shir Shoham, President
Rene Crosby, Parent Board Representative/Treasurer
Jessica Pratt, Co-Circle Administrator
Megan Jones-Smith, Co-Circle Administrator
Jeff Roberts, Mentor
Michelle Lemberger, At Large
Suzanne Tejada,  At Large
Annie McMillen, At Large
Sarah Jones, At Large

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“Waldorf education develops creativity, critical thinking, and analytical processing. A connection with nature and a sense of community are also nurtured. It is a well-rounded educational experience.”