Directed Giving

Directed Giving opportunities allow our community to invest in specific projects, supplies, or programmatic areas where teachers have requested additional support, including facilities upgrades, financial aid, and additional supplies.

Requested Support

  • 20 Chromebooks for 8th grade library usage and student research (~$3,000 to $5,000)
  • 20 tablets for general library use & cyber civics program (Contact our Development Department for more information)
  • Paperwhite Kindles ($90 each)
  • Forge and Large Anvil for blacksmithing program ($2,000)
  • Purple bench pads for gym bleachers ($1,500)

Ongoing Areas to Support

  • Financial Aid
  • Athletics
  • Art/Woodworking
  • Faculty Development
  • Capital Improvements and Campus Upgrades

“I especially love the activities like gardening and handwork. I believe these skills are important in cognitive development. Many schools today are mandated to focus on academic achievement and testing while forgetting the building blocks of learning to think for ourselves and to be creative. ”