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A Thank You To Austin Waldorf School Parents

Posted on November 15, 2018

By Marie-Helene Harlow and Tina DeSaussure

Dear Austin Waldorf School Parents,

As we approach the season of thanksgiving, it is appropriate that the faculty take a moment to thank each and every one of you for all the support you show the students, the teachers, and the school throughout the year. At the start of each school year our children, fresh from their separate summer adventures reassemble. Bubbling with three months’ worth of tall tales and now curious as to what the new class year will bring, they stand at the threshold of a clean and welcoming classroom, a stage well set for the next act in their lives of learning. They, of course, have the leading roles but they could not shine if it weren’t for those who help set the stage.

Much credit and many thanks go to you wonderful parents. Behind the scenes you have contributed to your children’s learning experience and supported your grateful teachers by attending the cleaning day, beautifying the classrooms and the surroundings, and making our school a warm and welcoming place for your children and our students. After the initial efforts to prepare the classroom to receive the students you continue to support this education through your ceaseless efforts: volunteering to organize and chaperone field trips and camping trips, leading craft activities, outfitting each class during its play and setting the scenes, providing weekly flowers, bringing weekly snacks, and generally playing an indispensable role in your child’s education. For all that you have already done this year to support our work, we, the teachers of the Austin Waldorf School, would like to share our deep gratitude and are united in wishing you a wonderful year!

Gratefully yours on the behalf of teachers,
Marie-Helene Harlow and Tina DeSaussure
Grade School Chairs

“I cannot express how wonderful it has been to see my brother experience a Waldorf education. Traditional schooling methods did not meet the way his mind works. His intellect and creativity were not nurtured or appreciated. He has flourished at Austin Waldorf.”