Kindergarten Faculty

Betty Jane Enno


Betty Jane Boda-Enno joined the faculty of the Austin Waldorf School in 1984. She graduated with a B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan University with an Interdisciplinary major in Children’s Literature, Drama for the Young, and Library Science.

She received her Waldorf Education Teacher training in Early Childhood and Class Teaching through the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College and State Teaching Certification, and completed the Remedial Training Program of the Association for a Healing Education. She has been both a Class teacher and a Kindergarten Teacher at the Austin Waldorf School and is the Regional Representative for the Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). She is a Member of the Executive Board of the Teacher Training Pleides Initiative in Texas and has been serving on the Austin Waldorf School Board of Trustees and the Board of the Association for a Healing Education for several years. She is currently a project manager for helping create curriculum for ECE Teacher Training Programs programs in the U.S. relating to sensory needs of the young child.

Hobbies: Horse back riding, Hiking, Yoga, Chi Gong and enjoying nature.

“The students seem to all love each other - through the years as they transform from kindergarteners into high school. I am so proud of my Waldorf family”