High School Faculty

Victoria Reyes

Humanities Chair; Humanities, Spanish, 11th Grade Class Advisor

Victoria is originally from Colombia. Before coming to the Austin Waldorf School in 2005, she held a position as a university professor in the Department of Humanities and Communication at ITESM, Guadalajara, México. Since her arrival at the Austin Waldorf School, Victoria has worked as an assistant in the Sungarden, as a Heritage Spanish teacher in the grade school, and presently she is a high school humanities teacher. Victoria has also served on the AWS Pedagogical Circle since 2014 and she has been a member of the AWS College of Teachers since 2015. Since turning toward the high school in 2011, Victoria has served in various administrative pedagogical roles including High School Chair, Curriculum Chair, and Humanities Chair.

Outside of the school year, Victoria has been a teacher at Rudolf Steiner College for the High School teacher-training program. She holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Latin American Studies, both from the University of Texas. She has a Waldorf High School Teaching Certificate from Rudolf Steiner College, and a Level I program diploma from the Spacial Dynamics Institute. Additionally, Victoria has attended numerous Waldorf School seminars, studies, and conferences in the US, Argentina, Italy and Colombia.

Victoria enjoys staying active in the international Waldorf movement as well as in the Greater Austin community, where she has found local organizations which are highly commendable for their significant contribution to the work of creating a brotherhood for all of humanity. Victoria serves on the board for the non-profit Unhushed. She is a member of the Austin Chapter of Educators in Solidarity, and in 2018 she was invited by local organizers to participate in the Undoing Racism training sponsored by the National Institute for the People’s Survival.

Apart from her interests in Anthroposophy, Waldorf education, and supporting the local community, Victoria loves to study and teach history and the behavioral sciences. She feels strongly that her students benefit greatly from her own continued growth as an academic scholar and an active community member. Victoria loves theatre, live music, dance, art, collecting books and maps, and playing the ukulele. Victoria is a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and the School of Spiritual Science including the Pedagogical Section and First Class. Victoria and her partner Fransisco have two daughters enrolled in the Austin Waldorf School and one who graduated with the class of 2018. The family has enjoyed being active in the school community since 2005.

“I appreciate the wholeness of development, with its focus on independence, problem solving, and full liberal arts exposure.”