High School Faculty

Robert Brockett

Music Director: Chorus, Orchestra, 12th Grade Class Advisor

Robert Brockett is the Music Director at the Austin Waldorf School and teaches instrumental music in grades 3 through 12. Having earned his B.A. in Music Education at Southwestern University and an M.A. in Music Education from the University of Texas at Austin, he embarked upon a career in teaching in this field. His experience includes teaching in both public and private schools in Houston and Austin, as well as directing the All-City Orchestras of both cities.

His family shares his passion for music, and he and his wife, Wendy, and two sons, AWS graduates Nathan and Christopher, are all musicians who enjoy performing. A gardening enthusiast, Bob enjoys spending free time in the garden, and pursues an interest in cooking when time permits. In the future, Bob hopes to become involved in the establishment of an eldercare Fellowship Community here in Austin.

“Waldorf teaches students to think, to dream, and to use their thoughts and dreams to achieve and accomplish their hearts’ desires.”