High School Faculty

Gary McElhaney

9th and 12th Grade Clay Modeling

A UT Austin graduate, Gary McElhaney studied under renowned sculptors, Charles Umlauf and David Deming before embarking upon a successful practice.  His portfolio includes 14 bronze sculptures, including eight public and commemorative pieces.  The National Sculpture Society chose his figurative sculpture, “Naked Cowboy,” for exhibition in New York and last year he won a commission from the University of Texas for a large portrait bronze.

His work has been exhibited at art galleries in Texas, Colorado, Connecticut and Arkansas.  He has taught life drawing and sculpture at Elisabet Ney Museum, Austin Community College and the San Antonio Art Institute.  This marks Gary’s fith year with the Austin Waldorf School. (Guest Teacher)

“Waldorf teaches students to think, to dream, and to use their thoughts and dreams to achieve and accomplish their hearts’ desires.”