Grade School Faculty

Patrick McCarthy-Nielsen

Middle School Math and Science

Patrick McCarthy-Nielsen (Mr. Nielsen) holds a B.A. in the History of Math and Science from St. John’s College in Annapolis and an Ed. M. in Education Leadership from the University of Illinois, where he also studied Philosophy of Science and Constructivist Pedagogy. He holds an M.S. Ed. in Waldorf Education and a Waldorf teaching certification from Sunbridge College in Spring Valley and a Waldorf High School teaching certification from the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. He’s worked in education for fourteen years and most recently did education support work and taught Math at Green Meadow Waldorf School in New York. He currently teaches middle school Math and Physics at Austin Waldorf School.

“I appreciate the respect for one another that is fostered, the values that are taught, the community for both children and parents, and the spirit of play and creativity evoked in every child.”