Grade School Faculty

Kathy Rodgers

Seventh Grade Teacher

Kathy Rodgers received a BA from the University of Louisiana with a major in Theatre and a minor in English. She received an MFA from the University of Minnesota with a major in Theatre and a minor in English and has 56 hours toward a second Masters Degree in Education.

As a graduate assistant, she supported the director of Graduate Studies in research projects. She is credentialed to teach All Subjects and English in the state of California and English and Speech in the state of Louisiana. She taught Middle School, Speech, and Drama in San Diego County, California. She also served as a teaching assistant in a non-public school for at-risk students in San Diego.

An ordained children’s minister, she was the director of Youth Services of the Church of Conscious Harmony in Austin, Texas. At the Austin Waldorf School she served as a teaching assistant in the kindergarten and the first and second grades. She has served as a class teacher for nine years taking a class through the full cycle of grades 1-8. At the Austin Waldorf School, she is a member of the College, a Chair, and a member of the Personnel and the PAC Care Committees.

In addition, she has written, performed in, and/or directed numerous theatrical productions and has led a variety of children’s acting workshops. As a “Bright New Worlds” Artist, she developed and performed storytelling, drama, English, and history programs for public and private schools. Also, she has performed in commercial radio and TV. Mrs. Rodgers also wrote feature arts articles for a regional newspaper.

“I appreciate that my grandchildren think here, that it is a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and that each child is honored for who they are.”