Grade School Faculty

Barbara Bresette-Mills


Born in the heartland, Barbara grew up in Kansas and Missouri. She attended the University of Kansas and later received a B.F.A. and teaching certification from Montana State University in sculpture and fiber arts.

Discovering a Waldorf kindergarten while in Bozeman, she then attended Rudolf Steiner College in California for foundation studies, leading her to undertake the eurythmy training in Spring Valley, NY. After completing her eurythmy training, she taught and performed in Michigan, throughout the Great Lakes region and in New York. She came to Austin in 1996 to help form the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble and performed with them for seven years. Her work in eurythmy has included adult classes, eurythmy with the board of trustees, foundation studies students and home-school groups. Recently she completed her therapeutic eurythmy training in March of 2007 and formed Chaparral Eurythmy with colleague Beth Usher.

Her other passion is hiking with her husband, Jack and their Siberian Husky, Azul.

“One of the things we are so grateful for is the opportunity our daughter has had with regards to varsity sports at Waldorf. Basketball has provided her an opportunity to be a leader and the chance to learn from a supportive and committed mentor. The benefits will serve her in a myriad of ways throughout her life that she cannot now imagine.”