Grade School Faculty

Ashlee McCarthy-Nielsen

Third Grade Teacher

Ashlee McCarthy-Nielsen holds a BA in Philosophy and Communication Studies from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She first joined the Austin Waldorf School community in 2004 as lower grades music teacher and chorus director, which inspired her to enroll in full-time Foundation Studies at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. Ashlee completed eurythmy training with Eurythmy Spring Valley in Chestnut Ridge, New York, where she remained to pursue eurythmy stage work.

In addition to Foundations in Anthroposophy, pedagogical eurythmy, and courses in Waldorf music teaching, Ashlee is pursuing an additional certification in Waldorf Elementary Teaching at Sunbridge Institute. Ashlee has fifteen years experience teaching children and adults in Waldorf schools across North America, including Sacramento Waldorf School, Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, Green Meadow Waldorf School, and Sunbridge Institute. Ashlee is overjoyed to have returned to the Austin Waldorf School in 2017.

“One of the things we are so grateful for is the opportunity our daughter has had with regards to varsity sports at Waldorf. Basketball has provided her an opportunity to be a leader and the chance to learn from a supportive and committed mentor. The benefits will serve her in a myriad of ways throughout her life that she cannot now imagine.”