Grade School Faculty

Aaron Adams

Student Support

Aaron began her career as a multi-sensory language arts teacher in public school.  Since 2012 she has been a member of AWS Student Support, working with students in need of Language Arts and Mathematics support. She currently helps coordinate the AWS Student Support Program.  Aaron attended classes at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento for Waldorf teacher training in 2012, and is completing certification as an Academic Language Therapist/Dyslexia Specialist through Rawson-Saunders Institute in Austin.  Aaron holds a B.A. in English with emphasis in Biology from Hendrix College and a M.Ed. Reading Instruction from Southwest Texas State University.  She appreciates tricky riddles and puzzles, making up words, and swimming.

“I especially love the activities like gardening and handwork. I believe these skills are important in cognitive development. Many schools today are mandated to focus on academic achievement and testing while forgetting the building blocks of learning to think for ourselves and to be creative. ”