Administrative Staff

Kathy McElveen

General School Leader

Kathy McElveen has been a part of the Austin Waldorf School community since 1997, when her son began as a student in the Moongarden. Before serving as the General School Leader, Kathy filled many roles for the school, including class teacher, adult education coordinator, full-time grades assistant, and faculty mentor.

Kathy holds a Masters of Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin, in public affairs and non-profit management. She completed her Waldorf training through the Center for Anthroposophy/Antioch University and is a long-time student of Spacial Dynamics. Before her involvement with Waldorf education, Kathy served on the boards of several non-profit organizations in Austin (including Westcave Preserve and EarthShare of Texas). As a member of the Texas Senate legislative staff, she was an advisory liaison to the Lieutenant Governor, Texas House members, and constituents—her areas of focus were the state budget, tax policy, and public education.

As the General School Leader, Kathy has helped to guide the Austin Waldorf School through a major governance change and has helped to position the school for its next phase of development through land acquisition, master site planning, and infrastructure improvements.

“We deeply appreciate how welcoming the high school faculty and staff have been. Our son's academic challenges have been supported and we truly feel blessed to have him in the high school.”