Board of Trustees

Mike Sekel


Mike grew up in NE Ohio. He graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle. He entered the workforce as a chemist for an environmental laboratory analyzing water, soil, and air for chemical contaminants. While working as a field chemist at a hazardous waste site, they blew a hole through a cloud while disposing of hazardous waste. He's held a variety of positions including Organics Manager, Laboratory Director, Director for R&D, regional IT Director, and vice president. He studied financial planning at the University of Texas and passed the test to be a certified financial planner. With his children enrolled at the Austin Waldorf School, he found time to be a member of the Parent Society Advisory Council as Treasurer and President. He was the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees for four years before becoming president.

“Even though each of my children has different interests, personalities, and needs, this Waldorf high school has met them where they are and given them what they need to move forward and develop into great people.”