The monthly Messenger comes out on the first school day of the month. Articles should be no longer than 750 words, and ready for insertion, ie., all proofing and editing completed. Deadlines for the monthly Messenger are generally the 19th of the month prior to publication date (see schedule) There are no issues published for July, August, September, or January.

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Austin Waldorf School Style Guide

In our publications, we strive to value and maintain every individual’s voice and unique style of expression. As a school, we also pledge a responsibility to lead our student body and community in the use of consistent form and tone in publications and communications. Language is ever-changing and ever-inclusive. Therefore, this document is intended not as a judgment of any use of language as right or wrong but rather is intended to clarify which forms have been chosen to be used in our publications. Please refer to this guide as a resource when writing documents intended to be distributed by the Austin Waldorf School.

  • Complete sentences should be used as much as possible.
  • Words typed in all capitals will generally not be included in publications.
  • The name of the school is written in full in publications. Any inclusion of the acronym “AWS” will be written out to become “Austin Waldorf School.”
  • References to media (movie quotes, for example) will not be included in publications.
  • Commas are used according to the Chicago Manual of Style, which includes using commas to separate all items in a list. This is often referred to as the “Oxford comma.” For example: “My teacher told us to stomp, jump, clap, and whistle in Main Lesson today.”
  • Numbers under 100, including grade numbers, will be written out as much as possible.
  • When other questions of grammar usage arise, the Chicago Manual of Style is our preferred reference guide.
  • As a rough guide for length, Messenger submissions should be 100-750 words long.

“I cannot express how wonderful it has been to see my brother experience a Waldorf education. Traditional schooling methods did not meet the way his mind works. His intellect and creativity were not nurtured or appreciated. He has flourished at Austin Waldorf.”