The quarterly Messenger comes out on September 15th, November 15th, February 15th, and May 15th. Articles should be no longer than 750 words, and ready for insertion, ie., all proofing and editing completed. Deadlines for the monthly Messenger are the first of the month prior to publication date (see schedule).

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Austin Waldorf School Messenger Submission Guidelines

The News and Announcements section of the Austin Waldorf School website is the primary way that we communicate with the AWS community and the wider world. This forum highlights the accomplishments of Austin Waldorf School students, upcoming events, important announcements, and more.

The News and Announcements will be categorized as follows:

  • Academia
  • Alumni
  • Athletics
  • Featured Stories
  • Juniper Tree
  • Parent Corner
  • Special Events
  • Student News

Types of submissions accepted:
Submissions should be directly related

  • Non-sports stories about extra-curricular successes, individual and team achievements and recognition, upcoming events, volunteer projects, student and school fundraisers.
  • Sports stories about wins, team awards, and player achievements.
  • Stories about student updates and successes
  • Stories and information on AWS events and fundraisers
  • Alumni updates and profiles
  • Recaps of field trips, class trips, plays, and festivals.

Submission Guidelines:
If you would like to submit something for consideration you can email your submission to for approval.

Submission Due Dates:
Weekly Announcements: Due by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior to publication.
Monthly Messenger: Due on the 1st of the month of publication (September 1st, November 1st, February 1st, and May 1st)

How to Submit:
Submissions are accepted in .doc or .docx format, via email attachment, or on Google Drive with revisions and corrections already made. Photos should be submitted as a .jpg or .png file. Email submissions to with “News and Announcements” in the subject. Submissions must be a final draft and ready to submit.

Austin Waldorf School Style Guide
In our publications, we strive to value and maintain every individual’s voice and unique style of expression. As a school, we also pledge a responsibility to lead our student body and community in the use of consistent form and tone in publications and communications. Language is ever-changing and ever-inclusive. Therefore, this document is intended not as a judgment of any use of language as right or wrong but rather to clarify which forms have been chosen to be used in our publications. Please refer to this guide as a resource when writing documents intended to be distributed by the Austin Waldorf School.

  • Complete sentences should be used as much as possible.
  • Words typed in all capitals will generally not be included in publications.
  • The name of the school is written in full in publications. Any inclusion of the acronym “AWS” will be written out to become “Austin Waldorf School.”
  • References to media (movie quotes, for example) will not be included in publications.
  • Commas are used according to the Chicago Manual of Style, which includes using commas to separate all items in a list. This is often referred to as the “Oxford comma.” For example: “My teacher told us to stomp, jump, clap, and whistle in Main Lesson today.”
  • Numbers under 100, including grade numbers, will be written out as much as possible.
  • When other questions of grammar usage arise, the Chicago Manual of Style is our preferred reference guide.
  • Preferred document size is 100-300 words for weekly announcements and up to 750 words for Messenger submissions.
  • Submissions are accepted in .doc or .docx format, via email attachment, or through google drive with revisions and corrections already made. Photos should be submitted as a .jpg or .png file.
  • Photos:
    • Email stories and photos together if possible
    • Label photos with important information such as Team Name, Game/Event, and Date
    • Include a caption with a description of each photo and reference photo label
    • Include names of everyone appearing in photos

Editorial policy: All articles and reports of factual information may be edited to conform to space and format specifications and to improve clarity, without permission of writers, so long as no changes are made to the writer’s overall objective. We reserve the right to edit or reject submissions based on legal, social, professional, and ethical considerations.

“Waldorf education develops creativity, critical thinking, and analytical processing. A connection with nature and a sense of community are also nurtured. It is a well-rounded educational experience.”