Our Alumni

Alyza Moore

Alyza Moore attended AWS for fourteen years. She vividly remembers her days in the Moongarden and beyond, and is grateful for the inspiration and dedication she received from her teachers throughout her time at AWS.

A few passions among many for Alyza are Yoga, writing and travel. While at AWS she participated in the exchange program and spent a summer abroad in Peru, where she attended the Lima Waldorf School. Alyza believes this was one of her most formative experiences while in school and highly encourages all high school students to consider spending time abroad.

She also recently became a certified Yoga teacher and created the project Bodies Born to Rise, which was published as a book in 2015. Many of the articles she wrote for this project garnered national attention and have been published on Rebelle Society and Elephant Journal. You can read one of her pieces for Bodies Born to Rise here.

Alyza graduated from AWS in 2015 and took a gap year while she worked, took writing classes and traveled.

Alyza is thrilled to be attending Trinity University in the fall of 2016

“The well-rounded, considerate, thoughtful people I've seen graduating from this high school have floored me. I'm so honored my family is a part of this school, this community, this village.”